LCS101 is a formula of 14 highly concentrated bio-active botanicals, which were tested in over 1000 modern scientific studies for their active components, safety, and the action of the individual ingredients in cancer care.

LCS101 was developed and researched for over 15 years in collaboration with oncologists, biologists and scientists from 7 Medical Centers and University Cancer Laboratories  in Israel, US and in Europe including:

  • MD Anderson – Collaboration with integrative cancer lab (US)
  • Harvard Medical School – Prof. Rosenthal (US)
  • Bar-Ilan University – Cancer Research Center (Israel)
  • Sheba Hospital – Tal center integrative Oncology Research Center (Israel)
  • Ichilov Hospital – Biology laboratories (Israel)
  • Jagiellonian University – molecular biology –  (Poland)
  • Miami Children Hospital – Pathology Laboratories (US)
  • Refuot Integrative Medical Center (IsraelL)

The research included:

These findings were published in peer-reviewed medical journals and have been presented to the medical community of the World Health Organization(WHO), UNESCO, the American Society for Integrative Oncology and others.

The scientific evidence and healing effect of LCS101. Presented at the Traditional Medicine Forum Sponsored by the WHO

This website is an educational resource on the botanical formula LCS101 and the research conducted on the formula.